Our People

Our NZ leadership

Based in Auckland, New Zealand. We were founded by a group of professionals of backgrounds broad and passions deep.

Brett Celliers

A results-driven leader never afraid to roll up his sleeves and directly deliver solutions on the Atlassian Suite. Brett is passionate about entrepenurial innovation, business strategy, project management, continuous improvement, business analysis and solution design.

Focussed upon relationships at all levels and able to leap from strategy into the intricacies of automation, Brett is known for tackling situations with out-the-box lateral thinking and a level of drive and committment that's a living embodiment of Elegance Group's values.

Kirsty Davies

An experienced Product Development Manager with a history in high technology consumer goods and a heavy-lifter delivering Atlassian tooling solutions to this and other industries.

Kirsty's passion lies in the enablement of modern ways-of-working and building professional environments that deliver on business goals while making a positive impact on people's lives.

With strong experience in Delivery Coaching, People Leadership, Strategy Development and Project Management she brings technical and methodology depth to an advanced vision of human productivity.

Rick Earl

A flexible 25-year veteran of delivering digital solutions to diverse teams, handling all stages between the back of a napkin to the webfarm. Rick brings vital insight into digital team startup, agency, vendor and enterprise methodology to deliver balanced, maintainable and extensible Atlassian solutions.

Early web-based workflows for complex issue, account, order or anything-management were initially just extensions of a beaufiful eCommerce mobile phone/plan platform ground-up built in 1999 for NZ's second-largest telco.

Witnessing the dramatic capacity multiplication of their nationwide teams and seeing how happy people were to be productive inspired a passion for digitally enabling teams in less glamourous but more meaningful ways.

Our global whanau

Elegance Group's whanau (a Māori word for family) is literally across the world, from Saudi Arabia to India, to Australia, Vietnam, Singapore, the United States and the Canary Islands!

Our people range from skilled business analysts who can elicit the needs of and form a holistic solution for a team of teams, BI wizards enabling visual representation of your enterprise, through to technical specialists who can migrate repos between version control platforms, with commit history and work item tags preserved for from-start traceability in the new tools.

We swarm as your solutions and business demand and know the right time to let you run your own show, remaining ready to support.

Our expertise in agile methodology, modern ways-of-working and ITSM is combined with our practical Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Insights CMDB, Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, Tempo, Automation and Power BI capabilities.