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Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG) is an esteemed name in the fitness world, with numerous fitness centres operating under its umbrella.




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ServiceNow to Jira Service Management Migration for Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG)

The collaboration between Elegance Group and Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG) in the migration from ServiceNow to JIRA Service Management marked a pivotal transformation for one of the leading names in the fitness industry. This detailed case study explores FLG's challenges, our strategic solutions, and the impactful outcomes achieved.

Client Background:

Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG):

Renowned in the fitness world, FLG oversees multiple fitness centres. The primary challenge for FLG lay in their impending end-of-life ServiceNow subscription, prompting a strategic shift to JIRA Service Management.

The Challenge:


FLG's objectives in transitioning to JIRA Service Management were dual-fold: cost streamlining and operational efficiency. Despite the complexities within their existing ServiceNow setup, the Atlassian bill presented a cost-effective alternative, prompting FLG's decisive move.

ServiceNow Complexities:

The challenges within FLG's existing ServiceNow system were multifaceted, including manual interventions, geographical diversity, varied work processes, and the need for device-level warranty tracking. Inefficient workflows required manual oversight, leading to a lack of traceability.

The Strategic Solution:

Comprehensive Migration Process:

Elegance Group approached the migration with a commitment not only to replicate FLG's existing setup but also to enhance it for superior automation and efficiency.

Mobile-Friendly Dashboards:

Recognizing the mobile-centric nature of the majority of FLG's agents, Elegance Group developed a suite of mobile-compatible dashboards for seamless accessibility.

Automation Excellence:

Achieving comprehensive automation, we automated ticket assignments based on facility type, location, and issue nature. Warranty management for each device was also automated, ensuring efficient tracking and expiration management.

Data Migration Strategy:

With approximately 900,000 tickets in ServiceNow, Elegance Group prioritised active tickets, migrating around 4,000, and provided strategies for archiving the rest.

Planned Maintenance Solution:

A sophisticated system was developed for tracking maintenance cycles, efficiently batching similar tasks and splitting unique ones to reduce workload and streamline operations.

Stakeholder Onboarding:

Recognizing the importance of stakeholder buy-in, a significant effort was invested in onboarding stakeholders, especially those accustomed to the old system. The demonstration of the new system's efficiency played a crucial role in gaining their trust and support.

Outcome and Success:

Advantages Realised:

FLG's transition to JIRA Service Management was not only smooth but also yielded considerable advantages:

  1. Significant cost savings.
  2. Implementation of automated and streamlined workflows.
  3. Enhanced operational efficiency for both agents and managers.
  4. Seamless transition without any downtime, ensuring business continuity.

Client Testimonial:

The success of the project resonated in FLG's team feedback: "It's the smoothest migration and cutover we've ever seen."

Future Scope:

Ongoing Journey towards Efficiency:

While the initial phase centred on migration and consolidation, the success of the project has laid the groundwork for future endeavours. There is potential for future projects, specifically around Atlassian consolidation, as FLG continues its journey towards optimal operational efficiency.


The migration from ServiceNow to JIRA Service Management for FLG stands as a testament to the meticulous planning, strategic execution, and collaborative efforts of Elegance Group. The success achieved not only addressed immediate challenges but also set the stage for FLG's ongoing pursuit of operational excellence and efficiency within the fitness and lifestyle sector.

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With a global team, and a wealth of knowledge & experience, we are here to ensure you get the most our of your investment in Atlassian software.

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With a global team, and a wealth of knowledge & experience, we are here to ensure you get the most our of your investment in Atlassian software.


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