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Experieco is a software development company based in New Zealand.


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JSM Deployment & Training leads to unanticipated automation wins for Experieco


Experieco, a software development company based in Auckland, New Zealand, sought the expertise of Elegance Group to deploy Jira Service Management (JSM) across their business and their outsourced call centre, Call Care. Experieco aimed to replace their existing ticket tracking tool with JSM for its enhanced features and flexibility, lacking the internal skills for the deployment.

Implementation Process

Elegance Group, led by Brett, facilitated the design and implementation of Jira Service Management. Brett guided Experieco through various design choices and actively involved them in the setup and configuration of services to support their clients. The approach ensured Experieco's team was not only part of the process but also gained valuable insights for future administrative tasks and queue management.


Mike Dawes, Head of Operations at Experieco Ltd, expressed satisfaction, stating that all their requirements were fulfilled during the engagement. He conveyed a willingness to continue working with Elegance Group in the future.

  • Mike Dawes | Head of Operations, Experieco Ltd

Project Deliverables

Elegance Group delivered substantial value within a limited timeframe. The services provided in the 25-hour block included:

  • Creation of a simple issue logging process.
  • Development of a user-friendly portal for issue reporting.
  • Configuration of an email channel.
  • Customer setup and grouping guidance within JSM.
  • Workflow development for bug testing, development, and release.
  • Implementation of SLAs aligned with Experieco's client agreements.
  • Prioritization setup.
  • Configuration of queues for request categorization and improved management.
  • Business day calendars setup.
  • Automation rules for streamlining tasks.
  • Creation of a comprehensive Jira dashboard.

Training and Documentation

Elegance Group offered engaging training collateral, including a seven-part video series for Call Care staff and Experieco agents on portal usage. Additionally, detailed as-built documentation captured the logic and configuration of the JSM project, contributing to Experieco and Call Care's self-sufficiency.

Return on Investment (ROI)

An unexpected benefit for Experieco was the use of automation to group customers, enhancing organization independence within JSM. The scalability and customizability of JSM not only met current needs but also established a robust foundation for future development.

In summary, Elegance Group's implementation of Jira Service Management has proven to be a success, meeting Experieco's requirements and positioning them for future growth and development.

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With a global team, and a wealth of knowledge & experience, we are here to ensure you get the most our of your investment in Atlassian software.

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With a global team, and a wealth of knowledge & experience, we are here to ensure you get the most our of your investment in Atlassian software.


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