How Tempo Timesheets and Clerk reduced our End-of-Month Billing time by 75%

20 August 2021




Manually creating invoices is a thing of the past here at Elegance Group

We are huge advocates for automation and utilising software that streamlines mundane, everyday processes so that we can spend more time on higher value activities.

That’s why we use Tempo Timesheets and Clerk to streamline our end-of-month billing activities.

The integration between Jira, Tempo Timesheets, Clerk and Xero (accounting software) is seamless, creating a streamlined user experience and strengthening the effective working methods of our organisation. We value consistency, transparency and efficiency within our teams and Tempo Timesheets makes that possible for us.

One of our core practices is to follow functional business processes using programs that can be customised to our specific needs. Optimising our own systems allows us to better understand how a business can run smoothly at its fullest potential. We can then use this understanding to appropriately advise our clients on the best practices for their business.

Our use of Tempo features

Tempo Timesheets is an Atlassian add-on that streamlines time-keeping and generates highly accurate time records. It can link to the other applications we use daily, reducing the burden of time-keeping that in turn allows us to focus on more important things.

Tempo Timesheets can connect to Google Calendar which brings our schedules in to be viewed within our workspace via the Tempo Timesheets app. Based on the time of each meeting, Tempo Timesheets can suggest time to log once the session is over. Tempo Timesheets makes it possible to link these sessions to individual Jira issues so the hours are logged in the right place. We have adjusted our automation rules to link a Tempo Timesheets Account to every billable issue so that our reporting is always accurate and up to date.

Timesheets can be filtered by various criteria to view by team member, by project, by client, etc. making it easy for us to locate and fix inaccuracies in the timesheet promptly. Our customers can also see exactly where they have spent their time due to these various filters.

As a business that offers service packages, such as an ongoing monthly retainer for our clients, or a block of hours, it can be tedious to manually monitor the time spent on the tasks versus the hours remaining in the budget or allocation. We’ve configured Tempo Timesheets to set a limit of hours within a Tempo Timesheets Account and customise the automations to alert us of logged hours under that budget.

Account managers are automatically notified when a service package budget or allocated hours are nearing consumption and take appropriate actions with our clients to keep them consulted, informed and up to date.

Clerk as an intermediary between Tempo Timesheets and Xero

Within Clerk, data is received from both Tempo Timesheets and Xero to synchronise contact information, match invoice templates and automatically produce invoices in our primary invoicing platform (Xero) based on billable time. Tempo’s ability to differentiate between logged time and billable hours assists Clerk to validate and generate invoices inside of Xero. The integration that exists between the software is essential to our business as we have boosted our productivity while saving time on recurring manual processes.


Working in as few systems as possible to generate accurate invoices is important to us. Without Tempo Timesheets and Clerk, it would take hours to record and generate our invoices. We would follow up on errors manually and switch between systems to repeatedly fill out the same criteria for contacts each month.

We have been able to cut down the time it takes to complete our end-of-month billing activities by 75%

We now have accurate, up to date information and data allowing us to make data-driven decisions at any time.

Tempo Timesheets is an excellent asset to our ways of working, invoicing processes, and to our business overall.

If this sounds like something you would like to implement in your organisation, get in touch with us to find out how we can help you!