Deployment and Migration

Designed to either start new companies up on the right foot, or migrate between platforms/hosting options.

We empower enterprise clients to migrate to Atlassian’s mature Cloud platform, shedding the burden of self-hosted toolchains and the expense of engaging specialist PaaS providers.

Our migration services seek to reduce risk, avoid unnecessary costs, mitigate known hurdles, and navigate complex requirements.

Deployment services are more often for start-ups or small businesses seeking to adopt a more mature work management tool and at this point, may still be weighing up other tools. Deployment services are almost inevitably paired with Training and Upskill Services to properly on-board users, team leaders and tooling owners alike.


  • Turn a complex migration into a simplified set of internal activities and let us do the heavy lifting.

  • Reduce the risk of data loss, workforce interruptions, and unforeseen complexities by leveraging our experts to deliver against a bespoke change plan.

  • Encourage and empower your team to truly adopt and contribute to the evolution of your tooling platform.

  • Provide assurance to your end-users with orchestrated and socialised people, process and platform change and release management, with rollback capability and post-release tuning and support

Our expertise in agile methodology, modern ways-of-working and ITSM is combined with our practical Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Insights CMDB, Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, Tempo, Automation and Power BI capabilities.