Licensing Management

The licensing approaches Atlassian offer don’t fall neatly under a single set of options. Because we manage a variety of licensing use-cases around the world, we’re regularly exposed to the ever-changing landscape and what these changes mean for our clients.

In addition to providing an efficient way to outsource an otherwise tedious and time-consuming activity, this gives our clients opportunities to leverage our tailored advice that can often deliver more functionality for more of your people while lowering upfront, ongoing, direct and indirect costs


  • Assurance that the elected licensing model is the most appropriate option for your current or planned user count/tier, with maximum possible features for the lowest possible cost.

  • Leveraging our ever-accumulating knowledge of your people and business needs, we present licensing options, insights and potential cost savings as your tooling requirements and ways-of-working evolve alongside the Atlassian product and pricing models.

  • Amalgamated monthly or annual licensing (including those not natively provided by Atlassian).

  • Reduction of credit card expenses and shift to account payment.

Our expertise in agile methodology, modern ways-of-working and ITSM is combined with our practical Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Insights CMDB, Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, Tempo, Automation and Power BI capabilities.