Capability and Tooling Roadmap

Organisations rely upon tool platforms as a backbone of their operations. Meanwhile the world and our marketplaces change in an accelerating continuum.

Whether blessed with a tuned holistic machine or surviving with an undocumented patchwork of organically-grown silos, your success depends upon the on-the-ground operational alignment of your tooling with your mission, your people and your budget.

Knowing where you are and modelling adaptive scenarios for where you can be are key to agile tooling governance. Elegance Group enables you to force-multiply your domain expertise and focus on your business goals, freeing you from the burden of planning, researching/evaluating the optimal tooling needed to achieve them.


  • Build upon current capability and success with continuous improvement and agile governance

  • Catalyze your ability to adapt to sometimes dramatic oscillation in local and global circumstances.

  • Forearm your people with clear roadmap socialisation, gather critical grass-roots and coalface realities that underpin your change management

  • Leverage our accumulating awareness of your people, processes and platforms to deliver tooling insights that save you time and pain

  • Continuously realign your supplier deliverables (including ours) with with your evolving objectives

Our expertise in agile methodology, modern ways-of-working and ITSM is combined with our practical Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Insights CMDB, Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, Tempo, Automation and Power BI capabilities.