Automation and Optimisation

Optimisation and automation is one of our most compelling propositions. This is because the results can be directly measured in time that would have otherwise be expended in manual processing.

The newly-yielded capacity is already a boon to any business, but even greater benefits materialise in the creative productivity that the freed-up mind-space affords your people.

We seek to understand the details of your operational functions and how these align with your current and target ways-of-working. We work closely with key people in each functional area to identify and streamline existing processes and develop additional value-add functions, which are delivered and refined in your tooling.


  • Streamline interactions with the Atlassian ecosystem (and other systems), reduce human error and drive repeatable outcomes.

  • Transform your tools from silos of data into a series of interoperating and communicating ecosystems from where you leverage data.

  • Increase efficiencies and enable your workforce to engage in original and non-automatable activities.

  • Maintain data consistency, increase data cleanliness and leverage these to drive and increase data-driven decision making.

  • Send a powerful value signal to your people by unchaining their creative energy

Our expertise in agile methodology, modern ways-of-working and ITSM is combined with our practical Jira Core, Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Insights CMDB, Advanced Roadmaps, Jira Align, Tempo, Automation and Power BI capabilities.