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quote iconReduced manual intervention has liberated staff to engage in more strategic and impactful tasks.

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KiwiRail is a State Owned Enterprise that moves around 25% of New Zealand’s exports, transports more than one million tourists and helps enable 34 million commuter journeys a year.




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Elegance Group and KiwiRail - Transforming Mobile Device Management through Automation

In a dynamic collaboration between Elegance Group and KiwiRail, our transformative approach to mobile device management has significantly reshaped operational efficiency. This case study delves deeper into the challenges faced, the strategic solutions implemented, and the profound impact on KiwiRail's daily operations.

The Extended Challenge:

Device Registration:

The manual setup process, once a cumbersome series of steps, required users to meticulously configure devices to align with KiwiRail's stringent company policies. The subsequent validation by the mobility team through Microsoft Intune or Apple Business Manager proved to be time-consuming and prone to errors.

New Employee Onboarding:

The intricacies of KiwiRail's mobile device request form for new employees extended beyond its length. Its lack of pre-populated answers created bottlenecks, requiring manual intervention at nearly every stage of the onboarding process.

Stock Management:

Prior to our intervention, stock information was mired in the complexities of error-prone spreadsheets. 

These manual systems not only lacked traceability but also heightened the risk of inaccuracies in stock management.

The Holistic Solution:

PIO Software Integration:

Our implementation of PIO software went beyond mere automation. By synchronising Microsoft Intune data with KiwiRail's asset management system, we not only streamlined compliance checks but also established a seamless connection between disparate systems.

Order Automation:

Revolutionising the mobile device ordering process was pivotal. The system now automatically places orders when a new employee form is raised and stock is available, minimising manual intervention and expediting the entire workflow.

Supplier Integration:

Collaboration extended to our suppliers, where stock is now strategically held. Automated orders trigger prompt shipments, and the integration of Jira Service Management ensures order confirmation and tracking without the reliance on a shared mailbox.

Change Management:

The transition to automated processes faced initial resistance from stakeholders accustomed to traditional systems. However, through careful communication and tangible demonstrations of efficiency gains, we secured crucial buy-in for the new processes.

A Detailed Look at Results:

  1. Time Savings: Automation of device registration and compliance checks resulted in substantial time savings, allowing the mobility team to redirect their efforts towards more strategic endeavours.
  2. End-to-End Automation: The new employee mobile device request process now operates seamlessly from start to finish, eliminating the need for manual data entry and significantly expediting onboarding.
  3. Streamlined Operations: The eradication of complex spreadsheets has freed up valuable resources within the team. This shift from manual management to automation has allowed team members to focus on higher-value activities.

Future Engagements and Business Impact:

Future Engagements:

Post the successful implementation, KiwiRail has continued to invest in enhancing mobile device management processes. Our collaboration has evolved to encompass comprehensive processes for device replacement, stock ordering, and sustainable device recycling.

Business Impact:

The ramifications of our interventions extend beyond the immediate gains. Reduced manual intervention has liberated staff to engage in more strategic and impactful tasks. The system's robustness, coupled with enhanced traceability and auditing capabilities, has fortified KiwiRail's operational foundation.

Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead:

Change Management Lessons:

Navigating through resistance during the change management process underscored the importance of effective communication and tangible proof of efficiency gains. Lessons learned from this process have further honed our approach for future engagements.


Beyond the tangible improvements in operational efficiency for KiwiRail, our partnership with Elegance Group has solidified our presence within the organisation. The consistently delivered value has not only paved the way for ongoing collaborations but has also sparked increased interest from various departments at KiwiRail, indicating a promising avenue for future growth and innovation.